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19.05.2016The 9th helicopter exhibition opened in Moscow
Uralhelicom can provide R66’s engine maintenance
19.05.2016In early March this year Rolls-Royce named Yekaterinburg-based company Uralhelicom as its second official Russian servicing center for RR300 turboshaft engines, which power Robinson R66 helicopters.
The R66’s primary autopilot mode is basic stability augmentation
19.05.2016A Robinson R66 light helicopter equipped with an autopilot arrived in Russia in February 2016 in what became the first delivery of the model to this country.
One of the potential candidates for Technodinamika’s crash-resistant fuel system is new Mi-38 transport
19.05.2016Technodinamika holding company is showcasing at its HeliRussia 2016 stand a crash-resistant fuel system for helicopters
In Russia, all UAVs weighing over 250 g are subject to mandatory registration
19.05.2016For the first time in the history of HeliRussia, special attention at this year’s event is being paid to unmanned aerial systems
Mi-38 was issued with the Russian type certificate in December 2015
19.05.2016Mil Mi-38 medium/heavy-lift utility transport helicopter has got itself a launch customer
mi-8 helicopter
19.05.2016NMAE is getting a Mil Mi-8MTV-1 medium-lift multirole helicopter built at Kazan Helicopters this fall
Ka-62’s maximum carrying capacity is expected to make up 2,200-2,500 kg, while the maximum takeoff weight will be 6,500 kg
19.05.2016A prototype of the medium-sized multi-use helicopter Ka-62 for the first time took off on 28 April at the Progress Arsenyev Aviation Company
First Bell-407GX was assembled in Russia in December 2015
19.05.2016Bell Helicopter’s best-selling model, the Bell 407GX is the first type by the US manufacturer whose assembly has been launched in Russia
HeliRussia 2016 business program includes 58 various events
19.05.2016As per established tradition, this year’s HeliRussia 2016 business program will cover the most topical issues of the helicopter industry
UTair Helicopter Services kept its place of the largest Russian rotorcraft operator in 2015
19.05.2016The Russian civil helicopter fleet’s combined operational hours flown dropped 8% year-on-year in 2015, to nearly 410,000 hours.
EMS-configured H135 can transport two casualties and two medics
19.05.2016Airbus Helicopters pins great hopes on promoting its H135 light singe-engine model on the Russian emergency medical services (EMS) market
19.05.2016Foreign-made helicopter deliveries to Russia shrank significantly last year due to the difficult economic situation in the country
Popular traffic
11.09.2015The EU remains the most popular destination for Russia’s bizav passengers.


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