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Foreign helicopter deliveries to Russia grew by 50%
22.05.2014А record number of helicopters were imported into Russia in 2013.
22.05.2014French engine maker Turbomeca, a part of Safran Group, is ready to extend its ongoing partnership with Russian Helicopters to the level of global industrial co-operation
Russian Helicopters was world’s third for rotorcraft deliveries last year
22.05.2014The helicopter market has remained among the most stable and dynamic sectors of the global aviation industry for several years in a row
The Russian light and medium helicopter fleet has grown by 166% over the past five years
22.05.2014Out of 355 new helicopters newly registered in the country over the past five years 314 were the light and medium rotorcraft.
The Russian Air Force operates several dozen Mi-28N attack helicopters
22.05.2014The Russian state-run arms exporter Rosoboronexport is planning to begin foreign deliveries of Mil Mi-28NE attack helicopters this year.
HeliWagon is capable of making 360-degree turns
22.05.2014The Bell Helicopter exposition at HeliRussia 2014 features HeliWagon, a remote-controlled mobile dolly intended as a landing and parking platform for light and mid-sized helicopters.
Russian industry built 303 new helicopters in 2013
22.05.2014Russian Helicopter’s firm backlog comprised 808 aircraft as of the end of last year, for a combined value of 401.2 billion rubles. 
The FH01 radar is intended for Ka-52 attack helicopters
22.05.2014Russia’s premier airborne radar specialist Phazotron NIIR, a subsidiary of the concern KRET, has brought to HeliRussia 2014 its in-production Ka-band 8mm wavelength FH01 Millimeter Wave Radar (MMW) for the Kamov Ka-52 attack helicopter.
Russia’s future high-speed helicopter to emerge in 2020
22.05.2014Russian Helicopter is expected to finalize the concept of an advanced high-speed helicopter in the next 12 to 18 months
ЕС145 T2 certified in Europe
22.05.2014The manufacturer has landed more than 100 orders for the version in different configurations.
HeliRussia 2014 business program offer dozens of conferences, roundtables, master classes and presentations
22.05.2014Over 1,300 representatives of 200 international and Russian companies will take part in HeliRussia 2014
01.04.2014Produced by the publisher of the Russian-language monthly publication Air Transport Observer, the Show Observer daily has covered all HeliRussia shows since the first exhibition in 2008.
In 2013 the Holding’s subsidiaries serviced 60,228 flights
26.02.2014One of the largest Russian aircraft MRO providers, the Engineering Holding reported a 5% growth in man-hours in 2013 compared to previous year, up to 2042 thousand man-hours.
S7 Engineering trains technicians both for its own needs and for other customers
26.02.2014In December 2013, S7 Engineering training center in Domodedovo airport launched the Airbus A320 maintenance training program for engineering and technical personnel.
UTair plans to transfer heavy maintenance of its Boeing 737 to Ufa
26.02.2014Ural Aviation Services, a maintenance organization, part of UTair group, received EASA approval for nearly entire range of its operations


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