Gazpromavia became the launch customer for Turbomeca-powered Ka-226T helicopters
08.11.2012The Russian Helicopters holding announces several new programs
The first SSJ 100 with the Interjet logo at the SJI hangar in Venice
08.11.2012The list of airlines operating Russia’s new Sukhoi Superjet 100 regional jetliner is set to expand shortly.
Russian engineering expertise for the global aerospace industry
10.07.2012The Russian company Progresstech is the largest provider of aerospace engineering services in Eastern Europe. Since its establishment in 1999 the company has taken part in virtually all the major international aircraft development programs. It has offices in Armenia and Ukraine, and also runs a joint venture with Spirit AeroSystems of Wichita, USA. Andrey Sharnin, Progresstech Deputy General Director for business development and aerospace programs, shared with Russia & CIS Observer the secret of his company's success.
This Ansat variant with a hydromechanical flight control is to be certified by t
10.07.2012The Russian Helicopters holding company is developing the re-engined 3,600-kg Kamov Ka-226T coaxial-rotor helicopter, and has also ventured the program to revive production of the piston-engine Mil Mil-34S.
In June Irkut received first order for MS-21 version with Aviadvigatel PD-14 eng
10.07.2012The Irkut MS-21 developer is contracting key suppliers.
The improved Mi-34S1 started flight trials in August
09.11.2011The Russian Helicopters holding company, which unites Russia’s entire rotorcraft industry, aims to expand its product range with new and improved models in virtually all weight classes.
Prototype testing continues to expand the SSJ-100 flight envelope
09.11.2011SSJ100 operating envelope is being enhanced at the request of future customers.
The Antonov An-148 Russo-Ukrainian regional jet first entered the Russian market
09.11.2011An-148 launch operators are awaiting their first revenues as the manufacturer targets production cost cuts.
The new Ka-60/62 helicopters are likely to have more streamlined fuselage
10.06.2011The development of the new Kamov Ka-60/62 medium twin helicopter – the manufacturer’s first non-coaxial-rotor aircraft – is gaining pace, backed by military orders and government subsidies.
Aeroflot became the launch customer for SSJ100 by ordering 30 aircraft
10.06.2011Russia’s new regional aircraft Sukhoi Superjet 100 (SSJ 100) is entering commercial operation with the two launch customers – the Russian flag carrier Aeroflot and Armenia’s Armavia.
Mi-34С1 prototype can take part in the flight display at the MAKS 2011 air show
10.06.2011The development of the Mil Mi-34C1 light single-engine helicopter has received a significant boost after Russia’s largest rotorcraft operator UTair Aviation placed a 10-ship launch order in May.
The roll-out of the first Il-76MD-90A is scheduled for October
10.06.2011Russia plans to set up local production of Ilyushin’s heavy transport aircraft
26.11.2010In September Beriev Be-200ChS amphibian fire-fighting aircraft received a type certificate from the European Aviation Safety Agency.
26.11.2010In September Eurocopter Vostok delivered to Gazpromavia Aviation, a subsidiary of Russia’s gas monopoly Gazprom, the first four of the eight EC135 light twin helicopters ordered in late 2009. These are the first rotorcraft by the European manufacturer to be fitted with Russian avionics.
Yuri Belykh
26.11.2010Having spent many years in the post of deputy director for aircraft maintenance in Russia’s largest air carrier Aeroflot, in September Yuri Belykh moved on to fill a vice-presidential position with Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Company. In his first interview in the new job, Belykh speaks about the tasks he is facing with the putting into operation of Sukhoi Superjet 100 regional aircraft for which Aeroflot is the launch customer.


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