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08.09.2016Nearly all the types of military aircraft currently built by The United Aircraft Corporation are in service with the country’s Air Force. President Yury Slyusar told Show Observer about the corporation’s cooperation with the national military.
The major part of the Russian Aerospace Forces static and demo display can be seen at Kubinka airfield
07.09.2016The Russian Aerospace Forces occupy a traditionally prominent place both in Army 2016’s static park and on its demonstration program. Col-Gen Viktor Bondarev, who commands this new branch of the Russian Armed Forces, told Show Observer about the achievements and re-armament of his service.
06.09.2016The Services Commander-in-Chief Col. Gen. Oleg Salyukov elaborated on what his service will show at the stand, static exposition and within the demonstration program. 
19.05.2016Being the largest supplier of foreign-made rotorcraft to Russia market, Airbus Helicopters expands its network of partners in this country. Emeric Lhomme, head of Airbus Helicopters Vostok, a Russian subsidiary of the European helicopter maker, tells Show Observer how this network is being developed and what new models will be launched on the local market this year.
11.09.2015This year Bell Helicopter is displaying Bell 407GX, well known to Russian VIP and private customers, and Bell 429 VVIP Mecaer MAGnificent Interior mock up at Jet Expo. Sergey Filatov, Bell Helicopter’s Regional Director, is sure these models – as well as the new Bell 505 – will find their way to success on the Russian market despite the clouds.
10.09.2015A-Group operates business aviation centers in the Sheremetyevo and Pulkovo airports. On the eve of the 10th Jet Expo event, Olga Gerasina, A-Group Commercial Director, kindly agreed to tell Show Observer about the company’s achievements and plans.
22.05.2015Emeric Lhomme, General Manager of the company’s local subsidiary – Airbus Helicopters Vostok explained to Show Observer how the maturing Russian market forces the European manufacturer to change its promotion strategy.
21.05.2015President of UTair – Helicopter Services Alexey Vinogradov told Show Observer about the company’s plans and prospects for the future.
21.05.2015The Anglo-Italian helicopter manufacturer AgustaWestland makes one of the local premieres at HeliRussia 2015 with its new 8.6 tons AW189 helicopter. The company’s regional representative Aberto Ponti explained to Show Observer why the manufacturer chose to exhibit this very model now.
26.02.2015Heino van der Laan, Fokker Services Vice-President Marketing and Sales, shared his views on the Russian market potential and on managing the company’s risk exposure in the times of financial turbulence.
05.09.2014Evgeny Andrachnikov, Senior vice-president, Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Company:

"We are primarily aiming for those regions where customers prefer large-cabin bizjets: China, Southeast Asia, Nigeria, and the Middle East".
04.09.2014Patrick Moulay, Managing director for Europe and Russia, Bell Helicopter:

"We have seen a great response in Russia, with more than half of all corporate/VIP operators selecting the Bell 429 model.".
23.05.2014Vladislav Kuzmichev, Deputy head of the Helicopter Exports Department, Rosoboronexport:

"NATO officers believe that our Mi-17 helicopters are irreplaceable in hot climates and desert terrain".
Olivier ANDRIES CEO, Turbomeca
23.05.2014Olivier Andries, CEO, Turbomeca:
"We consider Russian Helicopters as one of the largest global players with deep competences and a sound strategy".
22.05.2014Laurence Rigolini, General Manager of Airbus Helicopters Vostok:

"Among the whole Airbus Helicopters fleet in CIS, the light single Ecureuil, AS350 and EC130, are the market leaders both for utility missions and for Corporate/VIP use".


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