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17.05.2013Grigory Kozlov, Head of Helicopter Equipment and Services Export Department, Rosoboronexport:

"The export contracts alone will keep our production plants busy for several years, let alone the major orders placed by the Russian Defense Ministry".
16.05.2013Philippe Couteaux, Turbomeca’s VP and General Manager Airframers:

"Turbomeca’s presence at HeliRussia is a strong sign of our investment in the Russian helicopter activity".
28.09.2012Mikhail Semenov, General Director of Avia Group and Avia Group Nord:

"At the moment we are implementing a project to create infrastructure for helicopter operations both at Sheremetyevo and at Pulkovo.".
28.09.2012Francois Chazelle, Vice President Commercial Airbus Corporate Jets:

"By the end of the year, will have exhibited the “widest and tallest cabin of any business jet” on all continents, except Australia and Antarctica".
27.09.2012Evgeny Bakhtin, Vice-President, RUBAA:

"The demand for domestic business charters in Russia is growing extremely fast due to shortage of supply".
18.05.2012Andrey Tyulin, CEO, Aircraft Engineering Concern:

"We are beginning to harmonize the avionics development phases with the international standards".
18.05.2012Laurence Rigolini, CEO of Eurocopter Vostok:

"The size of Eurocopter fleet in Russia increased by 20% in 2011"
17.05.2012Bruno Spagnolini, CEO, AgustaWestland:

"2011 was a particularly relevant year to us indeed".
13.09.2011Ian Ludlow, General Director Jet Aviation:

"This year has been very busy for us in Moscow and the main challenges ahead lie in the development and refinement of customs import processes for aircraft spares and equipment".
18.08.2011Yuri Guskov, General Designer, Phazotron-NIIR Corporation:

"AESA technology can be used in developing new radars for helicopters, for future long-range bombers, air defense systems, and naval ships".
18.08.2011Mikhail Pogosyan, President, United Aircraft Corporation:

"By the year 2025 we expect the share of civil aviation in overall Russian aircraft construction to grow from the current 15% to 47%".
17.08.2011Marc Sorel, Safran’s Country Delegate for Russia:

"The market for helicopters is very big in Russia, yet there is no producer of helicopter engines. That is a huge opportunity for us, and we want a significant share of that market".
14.08.2011Dmitry Rodin, Mi-34 program director, Russian Helicopters:

"The Mi-34S1 is the answer to the needs of the reviving Russian armed forces".
13.08.2011Alexander Rubtsov, CEO Ilyushin Finance Co.:

"Delivering a complete support package for new Russian aircraft sold abroad is now a key focus for the aviation industry."
13.08.2011Sergey Kravchenko, President Boeing Russia/CIS:

“Without Russia’s contribution, this airplane would not have been created”.


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