10.07.2012Top 20 Russian airlines, by passenger carried and passenger kilometers flown in 2011
This Bombardier Q400 NextGen made a demo tour across Russia in May
10.07.2012The Russian lessor Ilyushin Finance Co (IFC) is looking at opportunities to enter the regional turboprop segment.
The shift to Western-built airframes necessitates the establishment of a complet
10.07.2012The growing air traffic triggered massive fleet renewals by Russian carriers, with foreign types accounting for 89% of the domestic passenger turnover in 2011.
Despite the overall seat load growth, Russian airlines started carrying fewer pa
10.07.2012Air traffic figures are growing in Russia but the carriers’ capacity seems to be growing even faster
Russian air traffic figures continue to grow
09.11.2011Russian air traffic figures continue to grow, as witnessed by a recent Rosaviatsia Federal Air Transport Agency report.
The second 737-800 delivered to S7 Airlines in May in colors of oneworld
09.11.2011This year so far has seen four of Russia’s five largest air carriers either announce massive fleet acquisition plans or take first deliveries under earlier contracts. By contrast, smaller airlines - including regional operators — are struggling to renew their fleets. The national aviation authority is pressing these companies to switch to new airliner types sooner rather than later. The problem, however, is that acquisition financing is hard to come by; also, some airlines have no idea what models to choose to replace their ageing equipment.
Avianova bancrupted in October, SkyExpressceased operations due to the merge
09.11.2011The Russian aviation authorities are set to weed out smaller airlines
13.07.2011In this short article we try to put a buyer’s price tag on the Superjet based on some crude methodologies.
Competition is getting fiercer among the five largest Russian airlines
10.06.2011Russia’s air transport market has almost reached the all-time high of 1991 on the back of soaring passenger numbers, but the financial state of many carriers remains precarious, and the competition on many routes is fiercer than ever
Sheremetyevo’s third runway will be built north-west to the airport
10.06.2011The Russian government wants to bring two Moscow airports together under a single management
Region-Avia failed to reach its goal to carry millions of passengers
10.06.2011Last year’s overall revival of passenger traffic did virtually nothing to improve the situation on the Russian regional air services market. This segment has had a life of its own for decades, generally faring worse than the rest of the industry; market peaks have seemingly no effect on it, while each downturn leaves a lasting impact
26.11.2010S7 Airlines, the third largest Russian air carrier, will join the Oneworld airline alliance as a full member on 15 November.
26.11.2010Russia’s air transport shows fast recovery
26.11.2010Russian air carriers continue to purchase new airliners


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