19.05.2016Being the largest supplier of foreign-made rotorcraft to Russia market, Airbus Helicopters expands its network of partners in this country. Emeric Lhomme, head of Airbus Helicopters Vostok, a Russian subsidiary of the European helicopter maker, tells Show Observer how this network is being developed and what new models will be launched on the local market this year.
19.05.2016Foreign-made helicopter deliveries to Russia shrank significantly last year due to the difficult economic situation in the country
11.09.2015This year Bell Helicopter is displaying Bell 407GX, well known to Russian VIP and private customers, and Bell 429 VVIP Mecaer MAGnificent Interior mock up at Jet Expo. Sergey Filatov, Bell Helicopter’s Regional Director, is sure these models – as well as the new Bell 505 – will find their way to success on the Russian market despite the clouds.
Popular traffic
11.09.2015The EU remains the most popular destination for Russia’s bizav passengers.
VIP-configured SSJ100s for Russian government agencies
11.09.2015Before the end of the year, four more VIP-configured examples of the type will be delivered to Russian government agencies. 
Heliport Kaluga to be put into operation in 2016
10.09.2015The facility will provide storage space for up to 40 helicopters.
New MRO center for Bell's Russian operators
10.09.2015Around 60 Bell Helicopter aircraft are currently operated in Russia.
Sirius-Aero's fleet renovation effort
10.09.2015One of the leading Russian bizav operators added four Hawkers built in the 1990s and the 2000s.
First Russian delivery for Citation M2
10.09.2015Russian company EastUnion, the official distributor of Cessna Citation jets in Russia and the CIS, is presenting at Jet Expo 2015 two new offerings by the American aircraft manufacturer.
New bizav MRO provider at Vnukovo 3
10.09.2015Vostok Technical Services Jets (VTS Jets) is a new player on the Russian bizav MRO market.
Russians love big business jets
10.09.2015Large-cabin and long-range types account for over 50% of the nearly 500-strong private bizav fleet operated in the country.
Russian bizav traffic stabilizes
10.09.2015It would be wrong to conclude that the Russian bizav market is nearing a collapse.
10.09.2015A-Group operates business aviation centers in the Sheremetyevo and Pulkovo airports. On the eve of the 10th Jet Expo event, Olga Gerasina, A-Group Commercial Director, kindly agreed to tell Show Observer about the company’s achievements and plans.
Jet Expo’s 10th anniversary
10.09.2015This year marks the 10th anniversary of Jet Expo, a dedicated platform for dialog between Russian bizav market players.
SW Business Aviation debuts with a new G650
10.09.2015Azeri operator Silk Way (SW) Business Aviation is debuting at Jet Expo this year with its Gulfstream G650 ultralong-range business jet at the static park.


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