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The specific payload launch cost for Taymyr vehicles is expected to be under $45,000 per kg
16.06.2015Until recently, it was believed that private participation in the Russian space sector could not go anywhere beyond the manufacture of individual components.м
Russia plans to further expand its segment of the ISS
16.06.2015The space budget has been significantly reduced compared to the previous version of the program.
In January-April, a number of international bizav flights performed from Russia dropped by 24.6% year-on-year
16.06.2015The difficult political and economic situation in Russia affects the bizav market.
16.06.2015The crisis did not come without a warning
Russian airlines should avail of the difference in the currency exchange rate and start looking for new markets
16.06.2015Russian carriers should get used to weak demand.
The Ka-52K may get anti-ship weapons in the future
16.06.2015The Russian Navy remains interested in the naval version of the Kamov Ka-52 coaxial attack helicopter despite the uncertain fate of the two French-made Mistral-class landing docks, at which it was originally planned to base the aircraft.
The Indian FGFA fighter will be based on the technology used in the Russian T-50 fifth-generation design
16.06.2015In April 2015, the 15-year-long saga of the Indian tender to procure 126 Medium Multi-Role Combat Aircraft (MMRCA) for the national air force arrived at an interim arrangement.
One of Technodinamica’s most promising developments is the landing gear for the new Ka-62 helicopter
16.06.2015Technodinamika heavily invests in the development of new products within its network of design centers.
An-178 will carry up to 18,000 kg of freight and to operate from unpaved runways
16.06.2015Ukrainian aircraft manufacturer Antonov has commenced flight trials of the transport version of its An-148 regional jet.
IFC is the third largest customer for CSeries
16.06.2015Ilyushin Finance Co. wants to reformat its order for 39 CS300 airliners.
Although Mi-26T giants already work in China, it wants a different rotorcraft
16.06.2015Russia and China has officially launched the joint development of a new heavy helicopter with a framework agreement signed in early May between the Russian Helicopters holding and Aviation Industry Corpo - ration of China (AVIC). 
16.06.2015The United Engine Corporation (UEC) is running several programs to develop engines for Russia’s new fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft. UEC general director Vladislav Masalov told Russia & CIS Observer about the current status of these efforts.
Turbomecca-powered Ka-226T light twin received the Russian certificate
16.06.2015Russian Helicopters looks to boost sales of its civilian products.
Interjet received its 15th SSJ 100s in May
16.06.2015Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Company is now seeking new ways to boost sales.

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