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Bal-E coastal missile system with Kh-35UE missile
07.09.2016Naval systems occupy a significant place in the Tactical Missiles Corporation production
07.09.2016More than 100 events will take place as part of the business program of Army 2016 forum
07.09.2016Ice protection system expands the airframe’s operational envelopes to more climatic conditions, including Arctic regions
Tigr-M can locate and identify targets with no crew onboard
07.09.2016A mock-up model of the Tigr-M armored vehicle equipped with a cannon combat station turned out to be one of the key elements of the Military Industrial Company’s exposition at the Army-2016 Forum
The Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu at Army 2016 opening ceremony
06.09.2016Over the past year, the forum has become a global event, and took the place on a par with the leading international exhibition of arms and military equipment", said the Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu at Army 2016 Forum opening ceremony.
The electric wheel drive chassis is presented at Technodinamika’s booth as a part of an interactive installation
06.09.2016The key exhibit of Technodinamika at Army 2016 is the prototype of the electric wheel drive chassis, designed for carrier-based aircraft.
06.09.2016Russian Ministry of Defense has decided to extend International Military-Technical Forum Army at the request of both participants and visitors
All VKS aerobatic teams will take part in the Army-2016 demo flights
06.09.2016The Russian Aerospace Forces have doubled the number of displayed items demonstrated at their Army-2016 static area compared to what they had last year
Virtual battlefield combat action exercises use real geographical area models
06.09.2016Within the Army-2016 Forum the St Petersburg-based Kronshtadt Group is to present the integrated virtual battlespace (IVBS), one of its most advanced and high-tech developments designed for virtual combat action planning and training
ADUNOK-2B turntable can house both machine gun and automatic grenade launcher tohether
06.09.2016Display Design Bureau uses Army 2016 forum to show its new automated remote-controlled fire-observant complex ADUNOK-2B for the first time in Russia
New BTR-82А armored vehicles at the military parade on the Red Square
06.09.2016The Russian Armed Forces continue receiving new weapons and military equipment
Topol autonomous launcher
06.09.2016The Russian Strategic Missile Forces (SMF) has brought to the Army 2016 forum a launch battery for the 15P158 Topol road-mobile ICBM system
06.09.2016Almaz-Antei Group revealed test results of the new generation 9M317M surface-to-air guided missile designed for the Russian Navy
06.09.2016One of the new developments demonstrated at Army 2016 is the Shershen (Hornet) unmanned aerial system (UAS) by Belarusian company Aerosystem
06.09.2016The Services Commander-in-Chief Col. Gen. Oleg Salyukov elaborated on what his service will show at the stand, static exposition and within the demonstration program. 


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