The Falcon fleet in Russia doubled

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Elizaveta Kazachkova
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The Falcon fleet in Russia and the CIS countries has doubled over the past five years with more than 60 Falcon jets now in operation, representatives of Dassault Aviation told Show Observer. Seven new aircraft were delivered in the region in the first half of 2013 alone, accounting for some 15% of Dassault Falcon’s worldwide deliveries. Most of the recent Falcon deliveries were for the 7X, the first business jet to be equipped with a fully-digital fly-by-wire flight control system.

According to Dassault representatives, the three engine design of the Falcon 7X and the Falcon 900 line are particularly prized in a region where extended flights over inhospitable terrains are the rule and the need for versatility and safety, paramount. These tri-jets account for more than two-thirds of Falcons flown by Russian operators.

"The sharp increase in activity over the past half decade reflects the excellent reputation the Falcon brand enjoys among Russian operators, who have a fine appreciation for advanced technology and high-end products," says Gilles Gautier, Vice President, Sales for Dassault Aviation. "This reputation has allowed Dassault to capture about 40% of Russia’s large cabin market." 

Dassault Falcon is also working to further expand its presence in Russia. Dassault Falcon Service unit recently created a subsidiary at Vnukovo and moved its satellite service center into new premises at the Vnukovo-3 executive aviation terminal. Plans are currently underway to develop new maintenance capacity with Avia Group at Sheremetyevo airport. 

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