Nextant sells another aircraft to Russia

FortAero shows one of its Nextant 400XTi in Vnukovo-3
FortAero shows one of its Nextant 400XTi in Vnukovo-3 // Dmitry Petrochenko
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The US manufacturer Nextant Aerospace is making its second attempt to enter the Russian market. The JetExpo 2014 static park features the company’s only jet airliner model so far, the Nextant 400XTi, which represents a dramatically upgraded Beechjet 400A/XP. The aircraft on display was provided by FortAero, Nextant’s exclusive dealer in Russia and the CIS and the only operator of the type in the region so far.

The partners announced here yesterday, that FortAero expanded its 400XTi fleet. “We have been observing high demand for this aircraft and are extremely interested in getting more examples of the type. We have ordered our third airplane with delivery in the first quarter of 2015.”, said FortAero development director Andrey Opryshko.

Nextant Aerospace president Sean McGeough says Russian customers are rather sceptical of terms like “upgraded” or “improved”, and that they have certain scruples about light aircraft. Nevertheless he is confident that Nextant can expect to get 15% of the light business jet market in Russia. According to available estimates, the Russian market will require around 70 examples of the 400XTi in the next several years; the company is almost certain that the actual figure will be higher.

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