Panaviatic to set up a new Baltic hangar complex

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Anna Nazarova

Estonia’s biggest bizav operator Panaviatic is making a return to JetExpo. Chief Executive Manager Aleksei Kulakovski says this year’s exhibition in Moscow is an ideal venue for the company to present one of the biggest aeronautical infrastructure projects in the recent history of Estonia: a dedicated hangar complex for business aircraft, to be operated by Panaviatic.

The hangar complex is expected to enter into service in April 2014, Kulakovski says. It will comprise five hangars of various size, accommodating up to 10 mid-size business jets and a single BBJ/ACJ airliner. The total area of the complex will cover about 5,200 sq. m.

The project cost is estimated at about 5 million euros, the principal investor being Tallinn Airport. Apart from providing hangarage for business jets, the new complex will also offer MRO services by Panaviatic’s Part 145 EASA-compliant subsidiary AS Panaviatic Maintenance.

The Baltic bizav infrastructure has significantly scaled up in recent years. In 2010, FBO Riga became the first business aircraft handling facility to open in the region. It is obvious that the Baltics states, with their compact area and low flying intensity (around 150 aircraft movements monthly in Estonia), cannot sustain two major handling operators. Panaviatic is quite explicit about its new terminal being primarily dedicated to serving business aviation flights from Moscow and St. Petersburg. According to Kulakovski, the new complex should strengthen the company’s positions in attracting new customers from these two major Russian cities. Furthermore, it is expected to help Russian business jet owners to reassess the Baltic region in the light of its geographical proximity, scope of readily available services, and also advantageously low handling and maintenance costs compared to European locations.  

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