Russian Helicopters work on new models

Mil Mi-38 helicopters is expected to be certified in 2015-2016
Mil Mi-38 helicopters is expected to be certified in 2015-2016 // Fyodor Borisov /
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Elizaveta Kazachkova and Maxim Pyadushkin
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The Russian Helicopters holding, a merge of national rotorcraft manufacturers and designers, continues work to develop new helicopter models. One of these is the Mil Mi-38 heavy transport, which is expected to go into series production in 2015-2016. The company’s Kazan production facility is now completing the assembly of the fourth prototype. Since late 2013, the third Mi-38 prototype has been in flight tests at the national helicopter building center at Moscow Mil Helicopter Plant. This aircraft is fitted with Russian Klimov TV7-117V engines and an Aerosila TA14-038 APU. Meanwhile, endurance testing continues in parallel.

The TV7-117V engine’s emergency power is 2,800 to 3,750 h/p. Klimov CEO Alexander Vatagin says the engine performs better than the Pratt & Whitney Canada PW127XS which was used on the first Mi-38 prototypes. Klimov expects to have the powerplant certified in November this year. The Mi-38 should complete factory tests in June 2015, and the validation tests in November. Type certification is expected in late 2015 or early 2016.
The Mi-38 can carry over 5 ton of freight internally or over 7 ton externally. It can be used as a passenger and VIP transport, for SAR, medevac and offshore operations. Russian Helicopters says the new helicopter can be operated in a variety of climates, including maritime, tropical and Arctic conditions.

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