St. Petersburg submarines for Black Sea Fleet

One of the Project 636.3 submarines built for the Russian Black Sea Fleet
One of the Project 636.3 submarines built for the Russian Black Sea Fleet // Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

In late May this year, St. Petersburg-based Admiralty Shipyards launched the Project 636.3 diesel-electric submarine Kolpino, the final in a six-ship series built for Russia’s Black Sea Fleet.

Project 636.3 is a third-generation type of submarines, a modification of Projects 636 and 877. These boats feature lower noise levels than existing equivalents, allowing them to detect targets three to four times farther away than the distance at which their own presence can be detected by the enemy.

The new submarines are fitted with an advanced inertial navigation system, an automated command and control information management system, and a range of powerful torpedoes and missiles, including the Kalibr-PL missile system.

The Project 636.3 boats are capable of operating in high subtropical and tropical temperatures. They can be used both in green and blue water environments, operating on their own and as part of mixed naval forces.

Developed by Rubin Design Bureau, Project 636 submarines are capable of submerging to 300 m; their operating depth is 240 m. The submarines have a maximum speed of 17 kt surfaced and 20 kt submerged. Their surface displacement is 2,350 t, and their submerged displacement is 3,950 t.

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