06.09.2016One of the new developments demonstrated at Army 2016 is the Shershen (Hornet) unmanned aerial system (UAS) by Belarusian company Aerosystem
06.09.2016The Services Commander-in-Chief Col. Gen. Oleg Salyukov elaborated on what his service will show at the stand, static exposition and within the demonstration program. 
The 130-mm A-192 gun can fire 30 rounds per minute
06.09.2016Arsenal Design Bureau has brought to Army 2016 a mock-up of the A-192 lightweight multipurpose naval gun
The rescue and salvage ship SB-738 can evacuate over 60 people simultaneously
06.09.2016Russian Navy’s Caspian Flotilla took delivery of the Project 22870 rescue and salvage ship SB-738
Verba MANPADS can hit targets at a maximum range of more than 6 km
06.09.2016The Army-2016 Forum is to host the first appearance of the simulator for the Russian new generation man-portable air-defense system Verba
New RVV-MD (short-range), RVV-SD (medium-range), and RVV-BD (long-range) air-to-air missiles
06.09.2016Russia’s Tactical Missiles Corporation (TMC) showcases at Army 2016 new-generation precision munitions whose performance significantly exceeds that of preceding models
One of the Project 636.3 submarines built for the Russian Black Sea Fleet
06.09.2016The new submarines are fitted with an advanced inertial navigation system, an automated command and control information management system, and a range of powerful torpedoes and missiles, including the Kalibr-PL missile system.
Materials with this nanocoating make things radar-invisible
06.09.2016Within the Army-2016 Forum the Russian Electronics Group (Roselektronika) will for the first time display nanostructured film-based radar absorbent materials
06.09.2016During the Army 2016 forum the water cluster testing area in Alabino hosts the dynamic display of weapons and special equipment of the Navy
06.09.2016One demonstration site of the Army 2016 Forum in Moscow region could hardly be enough to show capabilities of all types of weapons and military equipment of the Russian Armed Forces
Kashtan is an export version of the Kortik gun-missile weapon system
06.09.2016Tulamashzavod Production Association is demonstrating its Kashtan gun-missile close-in weapon system (CIWS) at Army 2016
Rosneft has been actively expanding its helicopter fleet since the late 2000s
20.05.2016Russian Helicopters is looking to deliver four newly built helicopters to Rosneft ahead of schedule at the request of the Russian oil-and-gas giant’s subsidiary air operator RN-Aero.
Russian Helicopters delivered 212 aircraft in 2015
20.05.2016Еxport orders and the weak national currency helped Russian Helicopters increase its revenue 29.5% year-on-year in 2015
Helisota begins servicing Airbus Helicopters models
20.05.2016Lithuanian MRO provider Helisota has started offering repair services on Airbus Helicopters aircraft
Komiaviatrans resumes Mi-2 operations
19.05.2016Customer interest recovered in 2015, as the depreciating national currency made operations of foreign rotary-wing types less competitive compared to previous-generation Soviet-made light helicopters.


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